Essart Sarvika Collection 11.00 cm Long Key Holder Pouch Build up in Faux Leather 6 Hooks, 2 Rings, Zipp Closure - 42411 Black::Brown
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Essart Faux Leather 11 cm long (set of 2) zipper closure key holder / carabiner. One identity window in the left inner portion and 6 ring holder to hold keys in right inner portion. Durable and Long-lasting product designed by Essart.

  • Essart 11 cm long Key holder (Pack of 2) build in Faux Leather
  • 6ring holder to hold keys at one time
  • Zipper closure Key Holder
  • Gift for Men::Gift for Women
  • Keychain Holder::Keyfob::Key Holder::Essart Key Holder::Gift for Him, Gift for Her::Gift for Men::Gift for Women::Essart Key Holder Pouch

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